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Reader Survey

86% of readers agree the most useful information is found in Professional Photographer.
85% of readers, if they could read ONLY ONE magazine would pick Professional Photographer.
86% of readers agree the photo magazine MOST IN TOUCH with their needs and concerns is Professional Photographer.

Who are the readers of Professional Photographer magazine?

81% are full and part-time professional photographers.
98% are photographing at an advanced/intermediate skill level.
83% own a studio or photography business.
78% have been in business for more than 5 years.

Who makes purchasing decisions for our readers?

95% make, approve or authorize purchases for the business.
87% have taken action after seeing a product/service.
96% plan on spending a minimum of $5,000 - $10,000 on products or services this year.

Where our readers turn for industry information?

80% say they use Professional Photographer as a resource for information on equipment, products and services for their business.

73% of readers ALWAYS or FREQUENTLY read Professional Photographer ads.

~ 2013 - 2016 Reader Surveys

Experts agree: Professional Photographer is best in class

Professional Photographer has been consistently honored by publishing industry professionals for exemplary journalism and design. Having received two prestigious Grand Gamma awards for overall excellence along with countless other medals recognizing its service to the photography industry, Professional Photographer continues a legacy of excellence that began over 100 years ago.

Here are what awards judges say about Professional Photographer:

"You would expect exceptional artwork from a magazine named Professional Photographer, but the publication goes beyond captivating photos to tell a story through a combination of words, design, and layout. The diverse audience of photographers is well-served by this diverse publication."

"This magazine is a stunning example of a B-to-B magazine—highly innovative, informative and a visual feast for the eyes."