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Leaderboard Display

8:1 Above or below the fold
1318 x 165 pixels
1118 x 140 pixels
908 x 114 pixels

Reach your prime prospects with one of the most visible ads. Both Home Page and Interior Pages available.

Super Leaderboard Display

6:1 Above the fold, on interior pages
1318 x 220 pixels
1118 x 187 pixels
908 x 152 pixels

Reach your prime prospects with the most visible ad.

Parallax Display

1:2 Large Ad
283 x 566 pixels
233 x 466 pixels
181 x 362 pixels

This ad stays with users as they scroll down the page.

Parallax Display

1:1 Small Ad
283 x 283 pixels
233 x 233 pixels
181 x 181 pixels

This ad stays with users as they scroll down the page.

Mobile Display

4:1 Inline Ad
300 x 75 pixels

Attract potential customers with this mobile ad.

Special Online Advertising Opportunities

Download the Professional Photographer Media Kit

Sponsored Online Content With Newsletter Placement

Every month, photographers use the Professional Photographer website to get news, tips, and product info to
help them be more successful. Tell your story directly to these voracious readers in a sponsored content article. You choose the topic and teach readers something they need to know. Position your company as the expert resource and address their needs with information they can use. In addition to the online sponsored contentitself, we'll promote the story in our Top Picks newsletter, which is delivered weekly to tens of thousands of pro photographers. Plus you'll get a banner ad in the newsletter.


  • Digital Ad
  • Sponsored Content
Material requirements:
  • 2:1 digital ad: 650 x 325 pixels, 72 ppi
  • Sponsored content: You provide editorial content + 2 photos. One photo (4:1 - 650 x 162 pixels) for the email newsletter and one photos (500 x 400 pixels) for the article block on the homepage.
  • Sponsored content not sold separately.

Exclusive Email Promotion

Reach Professional Photographer's readers directly with your company's EXCLUSIVE email promotion. Professional Photographer magazine will send your sponsored promotion to our database, delivering your message to our readers.

Material requirements:
  • 2:1 - 650 x 325 pixels
  • RGB files only
  • 72 ppi JPEG, GIF or PNG file formats
  • 150k maximum file size
  • Subject line
  • Link to your landing page
  • Text version of your message