PPAedu Sponsorship

PPAedu is PPA’s swiss army knife to photographic education.

Meet PPA's Newest Member Benefit… PPAedu. It's a personalized, online educational platform with a full buffet of resources suited to the viewer's current business, creative and technical needs. 300+ high definition videos are available twenty-four hours a day, with more added every month!

How does it work? Our members complete an assessment with a series of questions that focus on them and their studio. They'll recieve a truly personalized program to use whenever/wherever they want. It's what makes PPA Edu so unique, helping our photographer hone their craft according to their specific needs.

How can you be a part of it? Get involved with a PPAEdu Sponsorship.

Why become a PPAedu sponsor?

With more than 300 informative videos on everything from lighting to marketing, there are plenty of opportunities to reach your target customers. Back your message with the power of PPA.com to deliver the most committed, active customers to your virtual doorstep. How? Our online ad opportunities on PPA.com give you a variety of options to create the largest impact with your message.

Here's a sneak peak at what our sponsorships have to offer:

  • Sponsor Existing Educational Programs.
  • Create a 5-Minute Commercial Video about your products and services.
  • Create your own educational video featured on PPAEdu.
  • Provide speaker to create new video content.

Want to learn more?

Download PPAedu Sponsorship Opportunities PDF (56kb)