Corporate Membership

Align your business with our industry powerhouse

Why become a corporate member?

Doing so associates your company with the most reliable industry powerhouse, connected with professional photographers worldwide. You'll be identified with the association that protects photographers, their income and their purchasing power. This alliance is the best way to intensify your impact and back up your marketing message. Corporate Membership offers a wide array of marketing opportunities, giving you the chance to connect with 29,000+ potential new customers.

Here is a sneak peak of what we have to offer…

  • Exclusive Advertising Packages
  • Imaging USA Booth Discounts
  • Unlimited use of Member Mailing Lists
    (exclusive benefit only for corporate members)
  • PPA Facebook promotional opportunities
  • Offer discounts on PPA’s Perks and Savings Page
  • Additional opportunities developed throughout each year!

Want to learn more?

Benefits vary based on level of membership, which includes Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
See a full list of benefits by level and download a corporate member application below.

Download PPA Corporate Membership Application PDF (56kb)

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Corporate Member Benefit Specs

PPA Facebook Giveaway
Exclusive for Platinum and Gold Corporate Members.

Offer a giveaway on Facebook. This allows you to put your newest products in front of 29,000+ Professional Photographers.

  • Description of the giveaway product
  • Product Value
  • Product Photo
  • Photo Link

Super 1 Day Promotion

PPA's Super 1 Day Photo Workshops promote you and your products at studio classes across the country—the only cost to you is offering a product discount or giveaway to the attendees! The price of entry to this special program – simply a special offer to the attendees!

  • 25 word description of the discount or offer
  • Promocode for offer can be redeemed at your company’s website
  • Estimated value of your offer or giveaway
  • Logo in high-res EPS or JPEG format
  • URL for logo to click through to

Member Perks and Savings

Reach over 29,000 professional photographers, photography students and photographic imaging educators? This is the simplest and most cost effective way for you to reach a substantial portion of today’s photography professionals.

  • 25 word description of the discount or offer
  • Web address you would like the offer to link to
  • Logo in high-res EPS or JPEG format

Facebook Product Posting

  • Status update - 250 max characters of copy
  • 1 graphic/ad with photo of product
  • Link to webpage with more info on product

Flash Sales

Flash Sales engage customers and are the simplest and most cost effective way for you to reach a large portion of today’s photography professionals. Offer a larger discount of one of your products or services for a short duration of time.

  • Submit dates you would like to run the sale
  • Expandable ad (180 x 150px, expands to 600 x 150px)
  • Peel off ad (500 x 500px)
  • Perks & Savings ad (660 x 140px)
  • PPA Today e-newsletter ad (294 x 166px)
  • Link to page on more about the product