PhotoVision is a popular DVD and streaming photography learning platform.

PhotoVision is now a part of PPA. It is a high quality, DVD and streaming, educational video subscription service with a library of cinematic HD videos with tips, processes and techniques from well-known, seasoned, and successful photographers and industry leaders.

This platform offers photographers access to some of the best studios in the country as they share best practices and fresh techniques. This education expands and strengthens the profession and the industry, aligning with PPA's mission.

Each month PPA actively promotes PhotoVision, pushing it to its 30,000+ members and 35,000+ Professional Photographer Magazine subscribers, spending thousands of dollars on display, video, keyword-based and behavioral online ads that drives an average of over 20,000 visits to each month.

A sponsorship puts your brand in front of photographers who are eager to push themselves to the next level and are receptive to new products and services. You could be what they need to take their next step!

Key Metrics

  • 25k page views per month
  • 5k users per month
  • 28k YouTube subscribers
  • 50/50 new vs. returning visitors

All sponsorships include the sponsor's hyperlinked logo on's home page.

Monthly Promoted Video Pre-Roll Ads

15 to 30 seconds video ads. PPA promotes one PhotoVision segment each month, offering it for free to the general public. This sponsor will have a pre-roll ad placed on auto play at the start of the video.

  • Promoted across all PhotoVision's social media channels
  • Email capture included on dedicated landing pages
  • Sponsor can promote this free content to their clients
  • Online promotion paid by PPA for additional distribution
  • Limited availability

Streaming Content Ads

All streaming videos on will play with a preroll ad, ensuring all users will be exposed to sponsored content.

  • 15k video plays per month
  • Auto play pre-rolls with a 15-sec. minimal viewing time
  • Limited availability

Monthly Newsletters

There will be two newsletters sent out each month to past PV subscribers, current PV subscribers and PPA members with educational content centered around one monthly theme that runs closely with Professional Photographer Magazine.

  • 2 newsletters per month
  • Sponsor logo on each newsletter
  • Space held specifically for sponsor to share education, upcoming events and news

Mobile Friendly Web Ads

Video or static ads placed on and its subpages.

  • 481 x 295 px
  • Average 40k views per month
  • Available on monthly basis

YouTube Content Ads

15 to 30 second video ads. These will be set pre-roll ads, to be played prior to PPA video content with a minimal viewing time set to 15 seconds.

  • Promoted across all PhotoVision's social media channels
  • Each video stays on YouTube a minimum of 6 months
  • Sponsor can promote this free content to their clients
  • 1100+ views

Educational Sponsored Content

Sponsored educational content to be evaluated and approved by PPA for use on PhotoVision and PPA's blogs and/or considered for other PPA-related educational purposes.

  • Promoted across all of PhotoVision's social platforms
  • Included in PPA's weekly blog roundup which averages 12,500 page views per month
  • Variable format and length
  • Limited availability