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Back your message with the power of multiple high-traffic sites to deliver the most committed, active customers to your virtual doorstep (proven by our online click-through and open rates). How? Our online ads span and, the online home of the non-profit association created by pro photographers, for pro photographers (with 25,000+ members). Online Ad Types

Expandable Ad
This is a 2-for-1 ad opportunity! You send in one image file that will be cropped or zoomed out, depending on the mouse action. Specs: 180x150 pixels expandable to 600x150 slides out when you mouse over to double its visibility

Peel-Off Ad
This is a unique ad opportunity. It will have a static corner tab located at the top right of the website to grab viewers' attention. Click on that corner and the ad will unfold (peel down) to reveal your full message. Specs: Full ad: 500 x 500 pixels. File type: PNG with transparency. Download sample ad template. Online Ad Types

Platinum Banner Ad
Reach your prime prospects and dominate the page with our largest, most valuable and most visible ad.

Ad Size: 750 x 70
Flash/rich media accepted

Gold Banner Ad
Gold banner ads give advertisers a different configuration and the ability to significantly increase awareness with exposure on every page of the site.

Ad Size: 250 x 170
Flash/rich media accepted

Silver Banner Ad
This ad offers another interactive element to grab attention as it scrolls in front of readers on the home page and is featured (along with editorial content) on interior pages.

Ad Size: 234 x 60
No Flash/rich media

Professional Photographer Digital Edition

Professional Photographer's digital edition expands our audience reach both in numbers and geography! Readers can search current editions and archives, instantly email staff or advertisers, even directly click through to the advertiser's site from the ad!

Sponsorship includes prominent placement in the notification email and logo placement on the popular archive webpage.